October 16, 2012 – Tree Planting at Big Mar in Plaquemines Parish, La

I recently had the opportunity to volunteer with the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana and the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation.  The project involved planting Bald Cypress, Tupelo, and Green Ash trees at Big Mar in Plaquemines Parish, LA. The volunteers were divided up into two groups:   1)  those willing to get very muddy;  and  2)  the rest of us.   The (drier) group I was with consisted of approximately 20 plus folks.  We worked the Spoil Bank Site first.

Arriving at the Spoil Bank Site

Two cameramen were present: one working on a documentary of Louisiana restoration projects and the other from Fox news


Data such as coordinates, diameter and height were recorded for tagged trees.   These specimens will be revisited twice a year to assess their progress.

Instrument to record coordinates

A small alligator (estimated 3 feet) was not far from the shoreline as we worked

Spoil Bank Site complete!

To get to the Delta Site, we had to travel through a narrow canal.

Trees waiting to be planted at the Delta Site

My planting partner Hazel with specimen 283

Hazel and I planting a Tupelo tree (photo courtesy of CRCL)

A picture of the group picture photographers.

Group picture!  (Photo courtesy of CRCL)

Found a couple of buoys in good shape and traded the boat captain for a portrait. I guess I asked for this!

Boating back inland.

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