September 18, 2011 – Flat Lake and Bayou Grosbec

There were only a few hours available to paddle this day but my boyfriend and I managed to make it out to Bayou Grosbec for an outing.  We accessed the Bayou via the Intracoastal Waterway and then made our way to Flat Lake.  Bayou Grosbec is the first inlet to the right just after entering Flat Lake (see yellow arrow above.)   High water from the flooding of the Mississippi and subsequent opening of the Morganza spillway had deposited sediment that had us working harder to paddle from the lake to the Bayou.  We seemed to be pushing fish as we made our way through the area.   Some were seen leaping out of the water and others (mainly mullet) were observed swimming alongside the canoe.

There were several bald eagles in the area when we first arrived.

We were able to find a place to stop and get out of the canoe for lunch (normally this is not an option in this area.)The substrate was spongy with layers of dead vegetation.

The substrate was spongy with layers of dead vegetation.

... love seeing alligators

One of my favorite birds especially in this juvenile plummage! Jed managed to creep us up pretty close so that I could get this shot.

Can't get enough of these gorgeous birds!

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