Pecan Harvest – 2011

I probably spent almost the entire month of October gathering pecans from the backyard. I have to admit, I didn’t really pay much attention to the pecan trees on the other side of the fence until I found a lone pecan on the back patio.   I cracked it open, saw that the meat was good and sampled it… and so the pecan harvest began.  I ended up combing the backyard that same day and collected well over 1,000 nuts.

The pecans kept falling from the trees and this kept me busy.  The abundance really wowed me and it seemed like a normal progression to keep a tally of how much I was accumulating on a daily basis.  In retrospect, I have to kind of wonder if I wasn’t having some sort of withdrawal from the detailed data collection I had been doing all summer.  There were definitely some similarities:  1)  This activity had me outdoors; 2)  I utilized a grid system to transect the backyard; 3)  I looked for the search image of a pecan (rather than a nest); 4)  Data was recorded; and 5)  Results were graphed.

In the end, the data seems so cold and distant… it’s best to finish this post with pictures I took while in the midst of this project and some surprises I encountered along the way.

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