Bayou Chevreuil – 2011

When Jed and I needed a quick paddling fix, we would pop on over to Bayou Chevreuil.  This waterway is just minutes away from our apartment and it allowed us to dip in the water when we had limited time.  Our excursions consisted of leisure paddling combined with practicing tandem canoe strokes.  As long as we traveled to the west (away from Lac Des Allemands) we didn’t have to deal with too much boat traffic.

August 6th

When we first arrived, we generally would start off practicing tandem canoe pivot turns and strokes like eddy turns, peel-outs, and ferries.  After training, we let the sounds and sights lead us to singing frogs and large spiders.

August 7th

Dragonfly cannibalism up close and personal.

How gorgeous is this little cricket frog?

Had trouble getting a clearer shot of this large spider... light was fading fast.

Drive home from the bayou this day was too beautiful not to include.

We went out a couple of times just as the sun was setting.  The first time we did this we hadn’t considered that the mosquito would be swarming at said hour.  Needless to say, I had many bites on my legs and rump as a result.   Once the sun had set, the mosquito seemed to disperse and we spent the rest of the evening waiting for the full moon to rise while listening to some barred owls vocalize.  It was so cool being on the water at night that we did it again the next day.  Canoeing at night…  highly recommend (minus the mosquito part!)

In October, Jed gifted me with a new 51 inch straight shaft paddle.  We obviously had to bring it out for a test drive!

October 15th - Bald eagle spotted on our way out...

Isn't that a pretty paddle?

We used this to mark a spot to practice our eddy turns.

We also used this floating mat of vegetation to practice our eddy turns.

October 23rd

Runaway Belted kIngfisher...

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