Up to July 2011

Thursday, July 14, 2011
2:41:50 PM

I should probably be entering data on this rained out work day but it’s much more exciting sitting outside letting the chilly air of the brewing storms swirl around me.  I don’t know how long I’ll be able to sit out here with my computer since I am anticipating the wind blowing the rain sideways.  A dolphin feeds on the corner of this camp and seems to exist in a separate world that isn’t affected by the brooding storm.  Raindrops are falling now and lightning is just north and approaching.  The water is moving fast as the tide drops… the rain is here and the full moon is only a day away.  I’m now sitting underneath the middle of this raised camp.  Years ago (before Hurricane Katrina) there used to be a storage room big enough for a boat, a downstairs bathroom with 2 showers and the remainder of space underneath the raised camp was screened in with tables.  Now all of it is open and unprotected.  There’s a romance to this weather and being able to be so near it makes me feel closer to this place I love.

The radar shows red over Port Fourchon but things don’t seem so drastic from down here.   A boat just sped by barely slowing down for the no wake zone.  Earlier I was told that someone showed up at the back door of the camp with a big hook piercing the skin closest to his tricep.   I wonder if it was the wind that got him hooked.   Now I’m seeing and hearing the red… rumble rumble rumble…. STRIKE!  My computer and I are starting to get wet… perhaps it is time to go inside and watch the show from there.

3:34:01 PM
Okay, now I’ve set up my folding table in the small screened in porch upstairs.  Brewed a pot of coffee and am sipping on a cup while enjoying the sounds:  rain pattering and splashing below as it runs off the roof and hits the ground below, thunder rumbling in the distance, a humming sound of what I assume is the air conditioner, a clapper rail barking in the yard, and the soft sounds the raindrops make when they hit the water.   A laughing gull has just landed on one of the pilings that boarder the camp – preening and putting his feathers in order.  There’s a shrimp boat near the shoreline on this coast that gets closer and closer to the camp every year.

Now for pictures… Everything is finishing being born, some things are dying, lots of things are growing and changing so that it can all happen again next year.

Looking to east at storm brewing Thursday, July 14, 2011

Female Wilson's Plover after opening of Elmer's Isle to vehicular traffic

Elmer's Isle behind the dunes

2 Wilson's Plover chicks hiding under glasswort on West Fourchon Beach

Up close with a newly hatched chick still wet and with egg tooth

American Avocets on the Mitigation Ridge

Diamondback terrapin on Elmer's Isle backside beach

Far east section of Fourchon Beach Wisner Property with helicopter riding the shoreline flushing up birds

Master Devin got mighty close to the beach but managed to not get stuck in the shallows

R16N hatching on Mitigation Ridge

R16N's close up shot

Banded Wilson's Plover female on West Fourchon Beach

Tar balls that have reached the back side of the beach

Tar ball clean up crew convoy

Least tern hatching

Tar balls in W10N's nest

Hard hat arrangement at entrance to West Fourchon Beach (I think the tar ball clean up crew placed them there)

Sea turtle skeleton found on Eastern side of Fourchon beach

Least Tern chick under glasswort plant

Guessing this is an out of the ordinary spotless white Least tern egg...

Bone from archeological site on east Fourchon Beach

This isn't just a picture of sand... if you look closer...

... you'll find the Least tern chick hiding and likely cooling itself in a ghost crab hole

The drought is ending and it's back to the normalcy of afternoon thunderstorms again

Adult Least tern found dead on east Fourchon Beach

Allow me to introduce my new beach vehicle: T' Ma (short for Petite Machina Gas)

Reddish egret ahead of me as I enter via the "mini-ridge" at the point of Shell Triangle on the Mitigation Ridge

Banded male Wilson's Plover near the boat launch on the Mitigation Ridge

One example of the many times I have sunk knee deep into the substrate of the Mitigation Ridge

Red wing Blackbird chick on Mitigation Ridge

Willet at edge of Floation Canal pick up spot (Mitigation Ridge)

Red ants predating Least tern nest on Mitigation Ridge

White pelican (Mitigation Ridge)

Roseate spoonbills (MItigation Ridge)

Construction of rock protection barrier along Flotation Canal (MItigation Ridge)

Tugboat parked at my Floatation Canal pickup point (Mitigation Ridge)

Least tern nest hatching

Least tern chick and egg on West Fourchon Beach

Common nighthawk chicks

Stormy gulf waters

Royal tern adult and juvenile on East Fourchon beach

Dead hermit crab

Pool of water on backside of east Fourchon Wisner property - where dead hermit crabs were found

Dead White pelican on East Fourchon beach backside

Eastern kingbird feeding just outside of camp

Early sky looking east

Early sky looking south

Common nighthawk chicks

Least tern chicks on West Fourchon beach

Storm offshore

Wilson's Plover chick

Wilson's Plover chick getting closer to fledging

Little plastic lamb found on backside of east Fourchon beach

Storm brewing in the north

Least tern chicks panting in the heat

Least tern nest with sea purslane

To dig or not to dig... that is the question.

Nightime fishing gone wrong

Least tern nest close to the rising tide

Common nighthawk nest

Backside of east Fourchon beach with Least tern shadow

Low tide looking east from La 3090

Wilson's plover chick only a few days old found hiding under glasswort

Older Common nighthawk chick

Big sky for Jean

Magnificent frigatebird

Fledged Common nighthawks on west Fourchon beach backside

Warped Flotation Canal pick up point

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