May 28, 2010

Evidence of life and death are witnessed as I work on the coastal landscape of Louisiana.  It all feels so normal in this environment.  Long days and miles of walking gets the work done and in between the influence of man becomes apparent.   Oil rigs are visible in the Gulf waters, tire tracks exist in the terrain and objects of all kinds litter the beach – shoes, hardhats, eight track tapes, etc.

I don’t see or feel any oil impact this far west.  Unless you engage in looking for the news or ask someone about it; you can pretty much avoid the oil spill completely.  I hate to think about it reaching this far – I know anything is possible but pondering the situation doesn’t seem to do anything but depress me terribly.   I keep trying to cling to some kind of hope.  The only thing I have faith in is that nature will continue to do what it does… adapt or vanish.

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